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Adelaide Independent Bandag
Adelaide Independent Bandag
Adelaide Independent Bandag

Whether you are an individual commerical truck user or a fleet manager buying thousands of tyres a year, Bandag Cold Process Retreads are the most reliable and cost effective replacement tyres available in the market today. In fact more vehicles run on Bandag retreads than any other brand of replacement tyre.

Environmentally friendly, a retread tyre costs less to produce than a new tyre and sells for less - usually between 30 and 50 percent of the comparable new tyre price.

Bandag retread products are renowned for long life and outstanding performance and they are specifically designed to endure the harshest conditions and has been part of the Australian and New Zealand transport landscape since 1962.


Adelaide Independent Bandag operates a 'Quality Assured Retreading Plant' which uses state of the art 'insight casing analysis' allowing for bead to bead inspection of casing prior to retreading. This process helps detect hidden defects not normally visible and results in the production of a more reliable and safer retread by emilinating 97% of retread failures caused by casing separation.


The exclusive Bandag process ensures total quality control and reliability. From our stringent testing of raw materials to final product inspection our focus is to provide our customers with the lowest cost per kilometre (CPK) retread on the market without compromising our safety or quality standards.


All tyres supplied by Adelaide Independent Bandag comply with Australian standards, load and speed requirements. Manufacturer warranties are provided with all new tyres and Bandag retreads supplied.

Bandag often copied, but never equaled.


To find out more, including a sample list of our range with pricing specific to your organisation, contact our sales team today on  

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